Providing ProActive Legal Counsel as an integral part of how we represent individuals and companies when faced with legal issues that have the potential to negatively impact the way you do business. To have a vision for future action, while learning from the past, is always the best practice. The first choice is to work with you to identify potential legal challenges, to realistically evaluate them, and to consider and adopt a strategy to resolve them before they escalate into costly legal disputes.

ProActive Legal Counsel

Acting proactively seems to be a strange concept for most law firms. Waiting for your call when you are confronted by a legal problem seems the norm. Getting to know you and your business by listening to you allows us, together, to find and implement practical and effective solutions.  Your EvansStarrett team's ProActive Legal Counsel approach puts you and your company first. Right where you belong.

A Different Approach

Going to trial should be the last resort. For certain law firms, it is the first option. They know that a long drawn out trial can become a cash cow for their firm. Then, there are the other law firms that recommend that you settle right away. Your EvansStarrett team takes a different approach. Identifying, avoiding, and resolving your legal problems before they escalate into costly legal disputes is always the best approach. Solving legal problems proactively is like changing the oil as opposed to rebuilding the engine.

Expectation Therapy

Why would a law firm engage in Expectation Therapy? Your EvansStarrett team’s question is why doesn’t every law firm engage in Expectation Therapy to understand your goals, to identify potential legal obstacles, and to help you implement practical solutions. Not having a clear, thoughtful, and strategic path forward always ends up increasing legal risks and costs.  Your EvansStarrett team believes in Expectation Therapy.  You know your business and your goals.


Corporations worldwide have been using just-in- time delivery of goods and services for decades. Companies like yours believe in paying for what they need, when they need it and not a moment sooner. Your EvansStarrett team believes that you should pay for legal services when you need legal services. ProActive Legal Counsel allows us to leverage strategic relationships across the country and around the globe to help you tackle legal issue that may or are impacting your business.


The US market is one of the most sought after markets in the world. Getting established in the US, finding the right locations for your business, and hiring the right people to work at your company can be intimidating as can city, state, and federal regulations. What may be appropriate for one type of business may not be for another. Companies need access to different resources and skills. No two locations have exactly the same rules. Experience, listening, and strategic alliances allow us to help you understand the legal issues and to create practical solutions. It is what we do for you and your business.


Being a one-stop- shop may be a great idea for most business. For law firms, one-stop- shopping is very questionable. Some law firms talk about their "deep bench" and the number of practice areas they have. However, they don’t talk about their overhead. They will even give you the  that they have the best of the best of everyone and everything. But, how is that possible with so many firms merging and lawyers switching firms almost daily? Instead of us telling you EvansStarrett has the best of the best of everyone and everything, EvansStarrett finds the best for you by teaming up with lawyers and law firms to get done what you need, when you need it efficiently and economically.

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